Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 102.

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On to the reads…

Some climate damage already irreversible? Some scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Earth System Research Laboratory say so.

That certain brand of TP we tried was so bad that even though I bought a 6 pack of it, after two rolls, we just couldn’t stand it anymore. So I am now using it like paper towels until it’s all used up. It’s great for cleaning grime off the counter, because it’s so abrasive that it scrubs really well. Are we clear? Seventh Generation 2 ply TP = OK. There’s a mysterious brand of absolutely awful recycled TP out there that isn’t. So if you try recycled TP and think, NEVER AGAIN, give Seventh Generation a try before you give up completely. CVS’s brand of recycled TP is okay too.

It is unusual to come across an environmental campaign that incorporates art, science, faith and justice. Since last June, Irreplaceable: Wildlife in the Warming World has been both a campaign and photo exhibit based on all of these disciplines.

Bisphenol A is everywhere, in our cell phones, laptops, eyeglasses, baby bottles, and countless other products containing the plastic polycarbonate, and the official position of federal watchdog groups in the US is “safe until proven otherwise,” a perversion of “innocent until proven guilty”, good if you’re an individual accused of a crime, not so good if you’re a multinational giving a bunch of people cancer. Or diabetes. Or autism.

One of the foremost things that attracted me to green and eco conscious living was the direct correlation to self sufficiency and personal responsibility. Going green is largely about taking control of your spending, your habits, your wastefulness, and YOUR contribution to the pollution of our planet.

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