Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 105.


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Wish I had something exciting to report…but I cannot think of anything at all. I am hoping all of you are enjoying our approach to the end of winter; I know I am!

When it comes to global warming, the canary in the coal mine isn’t a canary at all. It’s a purple finch. As the temperature across the U.S. has gotten warmer, the purple finch has been spending its winters more than 400 miles farther north than it used to. And it’s not alone.

This is an open letter to all of you non-profits out there who still think sending me a “gift” of personalized address labels will guilt me into sending you a donation in return. For the love of Mother Nature, please stop. Amen to that. These things are a ridiculous waste of damn near everything!

Well, I’ve suddenly gotten very busy. I have to shift my priorities around a bit and reorganize my days to give myself more time to write. So, I thought I’d take a look at what green habits I might need to change or give up in the interest of saving time. The thing is, there aren’t many.

With a recent flurry of winter storms doing little to dampen California’s latest drought, the nation’s biggest public utility voted on Tuesday to impose water rationing in Los Angeles for the first time in nearly two decades. They should be doing this all the time, not just when water is scarce. It’s a desert.

Earlier in the week we reported that the favored list of climate doubters Senator Inofe’s political assistant Marc Morano relies on to stoke the global warming is a hoax echo chamber had been discovered by the researchers at ThinkProgress. In turn, our research team has taken Mornano’s list and added in all of the information we have here on DeSmogBlog about each of the indivuduals and made it into a handy referal page here: Researching Marc Morano’s Climate Denier Gang.

Plastic, especially in the form of nonbiodegradable bags, has become a target of the environmentally conscious. From San Francisco to South Africa, cities have outlawed, taxed or otherwise restricted plastic bags, even here in the developing world where immediate needs, like jobs, often outweigh nobler aims. Just last month New Delhi passed a preliminary ban imposing a five-year jail term or a 100,000-rupee fine, about $2,055, on anyone caught carrying or handing out plastic bags.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

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  1. Yes a hundred times to the nonprofits sending you unwanted peripherals. I bought $10 worth of trees from the Arbor Day Foundation last February, and they spammed me once and twice a month with newsletters and mailings.

    I finally called them to take my name off the mailing list, and I’m afraid I frightened the poor customer service rep by asking him if it wasn’t counter-productive to be a tree nonprofit that uses lots and lots of paper in their mailings. He didn’t know what to say.

  2. My biggest mailing all year is xmas, so I use all those return address labels then. I understand what you mean about them keep sending them, since I get them plus calendars and other things. I just share the stuff with other people. Except the labels, of course.
    Have you ever read the water treaties that CA has with other states? I just heard about the one they have with Kansas, and that they send them their water from the CO river, even in times of drought. You think in times of drought they could come up with a understanding that “sharing” would be nice?

  3. Sharing is nice in theory, but when certain states/cities abuse their water, why should places that have water have to subsidize? I know I don’t want to have to send water that my community could use to Las Vegas, for example…

  4. I get that. But if CA, who are in a drought, and KS, who I don’t know if they are in one…both grow a lot of food for us, both need the water for those foods. I wouldn’t share with Las Vegas, the waterfalls in the middle of the desert just make no sense, except to waste water!

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