Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 107.

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Another beautiful week here in Northern New Mexico, with temperatures hovering around 60 degrees. They say that we should not get complacent and that winter is not over yet, but it sure feels nice to go outside in a t-shirt at the beginning of March. We do need the precipitation, so I do hope it rains or snows soon…but I will try to enjoy the warm weather while it is here!

Scientists have been working overtime to find safe ways of capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide. What if the solution has been under our feet the whole time?

My friend Allie has a discount for EnviroVogue bags, which are made from recycled plastic with fair trade labor.

Watching television does not make babies smarter, according to a study released this week in the journal Pediatrics, adding to existing research that challenges the usefulness of baby educational videos and DVDs.

One of the worst of the Bush midnight regulations is history today. In December, the Bush administration announced a rule that freed federal agencies from having to consult with independent wildlife biologists before building or permitting major projects like dams, highways, transmission towers, housing developments, etc. Agencies could rely on their own personnel to determine the potential impact of the project on species covered by the Endangered Species Act. Can anyone say “conflict of interest”? As of today, that rule is suspended.

Imagine a solar panel as affordable as a fancy new bicycle. A panel designed so simply that you can install one (or more) yourself, just outside your windows, in the course of an afternoon. “We created a starter solar system that expands as your budget does,” J’neva says.

Thousands of people from all over the world rallied in Washington DC on Monday to protest the continued use of fossil fuels in the U.S. Capitol. Stepping into the cold Washington air from the Capitol South Metro, the sound of the crowd, two blocks away in front of the Capitol Building, was overwhelming. This wasn’t just a band of protesters, this was a world wide movement initiated by Capitol Climate Action.

Wow, the bad news for ethanol just keeps coming. This week, Duke University has released a comprehensive study that almost totally refutes the claim that today’s method of ethanol production reduces overall greenhouse emissions. So, what’s the study’s major revelation? Essentially, it’s that leaving un-planted fields in conservation mode is better for the atmosphere that converting them into corn-ethanol production. I am so against corn ethanol, and I am so happy to see this study come out!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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