Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 111.

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I am off to Albuquerque again to pick up the wife from the airport. It’s always interesting to head to the “big city” after living in the mountains. All the cars, noise, stores, traffic – you forget what goes on outside of your own community sometimes. However, I will be taking advantage of the trip by stopping at Trader Joe’s and the Apple Store, two places I definitely miss from when we lived in LA! On to the news…

Urban Re:Vision’s 6th competition in a series, Re:Vision DALLAS is an opportunity to create new site-specific designs that will transform an existing city block in Dallas into a model of sustainable practices. How will it change the landscape of the city, the region, and other urban settings around the country or the world? We invite you to be part of this ground-breaking effort and help lay the foundation for sustainable urban design. By entering, you have to opportunity to participate in design and development of the first sustainable city block in the US. This competition is an opportunity to be a part of history.

Irradiated Foods Cause Severe Neurological Damage

What with gas prices being as high as they were this summer, we didn’t go on as many road trips as we would have liked to. If we had a camper like the Verdier Solar Powered Camper, we definitely would have embarked upon more road trips to beautiful National Parks and done it in eco-style. Verdier’s eco-RV is based upon a classic VW Westfalia that has been upgraded with many green elements, like a hybrid engine, solar panels and a lot of high-tech systems that makes this bus a hippy’s Pimp My Ride dream come true.

How Does a Pistachio Get Salmonella? The other day, in comments, Sunshine asked, “Anyway, how does a pistachio get salmonella?” Good question. I decided to look up the answer.

Since the economy soured, tent sales are up and the number of campers and hikers is on an upward trend. Sure — it could just be temporary: people now have less money for expensive plane tickets and hotel rooms. But I like that the reporter noted that an outdoor vacation “… strikes a new chord with Americans who want to get back to basics after an era of excess and overspending.”

I’ll admit, I was a little freaked out by the news that antibiotics used routinely in animal feed as “prophylactics” could be the cause of many outbreaks of sometimes-deadly MRSA in farming communities. I immediately swore to avoid meat raised with antibiotics (which is hard). But news from Britain says antibiotics themselves, and their overuse, aren’t only to blame; it’s also our clean hair and sweet-smelling t-shirts.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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