Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 116.

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Summer has arrived…for now. It was 85 degrees yesterday and I made sure to spend time out in the yard sitting in my favorite reclining chair & enjoying a good book. After living in California for so long, I do kind of have a new appreciation for the changing of the seasons. Warm weather just means more when you haven’t had it for a while! On to the reads…

Ministers and officials from 150 governments are meeting this week to advance global efforts to rid the world of some of the most hazardous chemicals produced by humankind.

Being environmentally friendly can be exhausting sometimes. Keeping abreast of the serious and frankly terrifying things that are being done to our planet is enough to make anyone a little on edge. While it’s everyone’s responsibility to understand what is going on around us and do the right thing in response, doing so can sometimes remind us of the phrase “ignorance is bliss.”

I love bike gears and this is by far the best re-use I have seen to date. Etsy artist 1byLiz cleans up old bike parts and turns them into stylish clocks accented by coloful reclaimed fabric.

A huge thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of my Thank You Video to Oprah. Whether she ever sees it or not, it’s got a life of its own and wants to travel. So please continue to forward it on, especially to people who don’t normally read blogs.

It has been years (7 years actually) that people have been fighting to get the Cape Wind offshore wind farm built. Mostly because a couple very rich people don’t want to look at it. I am not joking, they would rather let the oceans rise up and destroy their beach front property than have to look a couple wind turbines. Well the good elected officials of the State of Massachusetts have had enough.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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