Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 117.

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Ah, summer. At least something that feels like it! I have started working outside on the porch this week, and I couldn’t be happier about it! Also, I got the new pump for the underground cistern holding the collected rain water from the roof, so I can now water the “grass” & trees (and hopefully the raised beds I keep meaning to start) for free and without using well water. Nothing better than free water collected from the sky! On to the reads…

Amid world wide food shortages Monsanto wants to reassert its position in the global food chain. During a U.N. food summit in Rome last year, Monsanto announced ambitious goals to double yields on corn and soy by 2030. In a world with only so many food acres, the trend is being able to increase the yield of crops per acre. This is often accomplished by genetically modifying the seeds that Monsantos owns and patents.

When college students rally in support of tuition changes, they’re usually looking for lower fees. But a growing number of college students are actually asking to pay more, as long as that extra money goes toward green projects on campus. Green Inc. reports that ”˜green fees’ are on the rise, helping colleges and universities achieve sustainability goals like LEED-certified campus buildings and solar panel arrays.

Allie has some uses for expired yogurt. I never thought there were any!

Watching my children play always reminds me of how open and free and capable we are as kids. I’m trying to re-capture that feeling by doing things that are pure fun and serve no other practical purpose in my life. Like slacklining.

I had this simple idea a few years ago. In many communities small sheds do not require building permits. So theoretically someone could build a few sheds to augment their current living space or even serve as their complete living space, if that was allowed in their community. (I would so do this!)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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