Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 121.

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This weekend I get to do some manual labor, helping my friends move into their new home. While I am looking forward to seeing them, I am still not sure why I volunteered for this. Anyone know a mental health specialist I can go visit to have my head checked? On to the Reads for the Weekend…

This is exactly why eco-legislation matters AND works when done right. Go see what I am talking about over at Allie’s Answers.

Methane and carbon dioxide, two of the most important and potent heat-trapping greenhouse gases, increased last year according to a preliminary analysis for NOAA’s annual greenhouse gas index which tracks data from 60 sites around the world. The increase in the two gases came despite a downturn in the major economic indices.

I think we’ve got to be simply dense, or maybe just in denial, to think that the combined actions of our population of 6 billion people doesn’t have any impact on our planet. Plenty of us will go to great lengths to deny any sort of global warming effects, and want to argue about whether we’re truly going to experience any hardship due to peak oil.

In a move to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions Stonyfield Farms has launched the Greener Cow pilot program in conjunction with 15 organic farms that supply the milk for Stonyfield’s yogurts. The program started by putting 74 cows on a diet that consisted of less corn and soy based feeds and more flaxseed and alphalpha which are closer to the spring grasses that cows naturally eat.

Should we charge fossil fuel companies with human rights violations? Are clean soil, air and water considered basic human rights? More people are starting to think so.

Tata announced this week their plans to bring the diminutive Nano subcompact to American shores. If you’ve not already heard about the Tata Nano, you will. At just $2,500 in its Indian trim, the Nano is arguably the world’s most frugal car.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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