Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 122.

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Seems as though there are 27 state parks up for sale or lease around the country due to the bad economy. Anyone want to go in on picking up a state park or two? On to the green reads…

Recently I interviewed Neal Ritter and Gelsey Malferrari of the Laughing Coyote Project, which is a nature immersion experience for students from 5-14. The acres for learning, exploration, play, animals and plants are based in Lafayette, Colorado. They have programs for home-schooled children, an after school program, as well as summer day camps.

But what is it we’re trying to save? Our own welfare, for sure, but believe it or not that isn’t reason enough for some of us; after all, our planet will likely limp along just fine at least until after I expire. So what, through our explicit actions, can we save right now that isn’t expressed in pollutant parts-per-million, tenths-of-a-degree temperature increases, or rates of glacial melt?

While I was working on my review of the movie Food, Inc. I happened upon Monsanto’s “Fact Site” about the movie and thought I’d address some of their “Facts.” I highly recommend you watch the movie and judge for yourself, but until then here is Monsanto’s position on the film.

I’m annoyed by this BPA issue. I’m annoyed that BPA isn’t banned yet and that there is still plastic water bottles, baby bottles and BPA being used, P-E-R-I-O-D! I’m frustrated that companies like Coke and DelMonte would try to use advertising dollars to market BPA and pull the wool over consumers eyes using a pregnant mama to tote that BPA is safe.

I’m coming to the conclusion that there’s very little that’s sustainable about the company known as GM….So when, exactly, did the General Motors Corporation stop becoming a “generalist” industrial powerhouse making motors and instead, devote all its energies to making only motors in transportation vehicles and to lesser extent, but profitable one, vehicles for the military , you know, Humvees and the like?

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