Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 125.

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Thanks to everyone who donated to our “Buck for Charity” event over the last 2 weeks. Your $1 donation will be going to some great charities, and we all appreciate you giving $1 to the event. You guys are the best!

Devin Lyons typically starts his days this summer cooking fresh eggs for breakfast from the farm’s chicken coop. Then, depending on the weather, he and a dozen other college students might cut hay in the field using a team of oxen, turn compost or weed vegetable beds. While other college students are in stuffy classrooms, about a dozen are earning credit tending a Vermont farm.

Climate change is causing weather patterns to grow more severe, sure, and sea levels are rising. Such consequences of global climate change are well known–but here’s an effect of climate change that few consider: it will make workers around the world lazier.

A new report from Amnesty international accuses oil companies, specifically Shell, or directly engineering the environmental devastation in Nigeria. But Shell isn’t backing down so easily.

Many students have pushed for more recycling programs and have been the cheerleaders for becoming more energy efficient by turning off lights and computers when they are not in use, while the older teachers still insist on paper notices in their mailboxes because they can’t be bothered to check their email. Frustrating, right? Let’s do some simple math here: I would estimate that I received roughly seven notices per school day that went directly into the recycling bin because I had already received them via email. There are about 80 teachers in my school, so that is 560 pieces of paper per day getting read and chucked.

We’re used to smelly hippie jokes around these parts, but living a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t have to mean letting hygiene suffer. It does, however, mean making some informed decisions. A Journal of Applied Toxicology study recently linked the aluminum in traditional antiperspirants to breast lumps, and that’s not all that stinks in conventional deodorants. (I use Tom’s of Maine deodorant (no anti-perspirant) which does not have aluminum in it)

Mountain Top Removal (MTR) is a type of coal mining in the Southeast Appalachian Region that uses explosives to blast 800 to 1,000 feet off mountain tops. MTR can strip up to ten square miles, and then dump hundreds of millions of pounds of waste into valley fills. MTR results in tons of rock, dirt, and vegetation being dumped into the surrounding valleys. It also damages aquatic systems, destroys ancient forests, harms water quality, and releases greenhouse gases.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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