Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 127.

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“On the road again…” I am on my way back to my house in New Mexico, so while I keep on trucking, here are the Quick Green Reads for this weekend…

Boredom, it seems, has become a 4-letter word in many households with children. Apparently, boredom in children is a fate that many fear more than a bad FICA score or bathing suit season. To remedy this fact, many kids are plugged-in and given activities to do every second of the day. No stone is left unturned in the quest to keep kids entertained and to stop them from uttering the words that strike fear into the hearts of many: “I’m bored!” To which I say, um, SERIOUSLY?! Boredom is one of the greatest gifts of childhood , without a doubt.

We’ve spent the last decade trying to fill the space between the floor and the bottom of the Christmas tree with cheap, Walmart junk. We’ve worried more about the brand name on the outside of your purse than what’s inside it. Let me say this – Sometimes, the greenest thing to do is to do nothing at all.

Monsanto to Bloggers: Stop Picking On Us. We will – when you stop messing with our food supply.

A day or two after reading the study about Roundup’s toxic dangers, I came across a post at WebMD that’s all about how to kill weeds the natural way. No chemicals. No hazards. All you have to do is use simple everyday ingredients found around the house.

How embarrassing: A similar setup of conventional supplies would probably cost half the price at full retail. Most school-grade paper products already contain recycled fiber. And, as most parents know, this eco kit hardly fulfills the requirements of most school-mandated supply lists. No wonder so many consumers are becoming jaded toward green products. You can do better on your own Do you really want to green your child’s back-to-school supplies? Here are a few ideas.

Will China & India Race Past America on Clean Energy? I am betting yes!

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