Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 128.

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Clouds. Wind. Rain. Hail. Clouds. Wind. Rain. Hail. Every day, sometime after 12, the same thing happens – and the hail finally did some damage by taking the plaster off the west-facing side of my house. The guys were here this morning replastering, but I expect it all to be removed by this afternoon’s hail storm. How’s your summer going?

Choosing greener alternatives is important for sustainability but where you shop in many cases is the most important factor. Shopping locally is important for environmental sustainability as well as economic sustainability. When you shop locally you are supporting members of your own community who are also vested in the heath and success of the community.

Have you ever heard of the island nation of Tuvalu? Before today, neither had I. But this tiny Pacific country is doing its part to battle global warming, and for that it deserves to be recognized.

Meet the new crop of American farmers — young and energetic idealists who are bringing local, sustainable food back to the table. The following list features 40 American farmers under the age of 40, compiled with help from dozens of people in the farming industry , from farmers themselves to those who help them in the nonprofit sector to those in the media who cover them.

Naysayers of climate change are clouding up the real problem with bogus fact reporting. In an attempt to debunk claims of global warming with their denial of science, some are reporting the instruments that measure temperatures, or atmospheric carbon are consistently wrong. But why? Why risk everything?

Mud pies. Gardening. Digging for buried treasure. Puddle jumping. Burying a time capsule in the backyard. None of these opportunities should be missed in the span of a young life. There are a thousand ways that dirt is not only good , it’s FANTASTIC. Simply put, dirt is an essential ingredient to a happy childhood.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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