Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 129.

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I have friends coming in from out of town this weekend, so gotta go clean up and try to “kid-proof” the house. While I try to get this all done, here are some articles for you to check out from this past week. Enjoy, and have a fantastic weekend!

Municipal water supplies contain “significant amounts” of artificial sweeteners, according to a new study from the Water Technology Centre in Kararlsruhe, Germany. Yikes.

We know that American kids are spending 6.5 hours a day in front of electronic screens, according to the Keiser Family Foundation. What value would be added to their lives if that was reduced? If they spent more time outside playing in the real world, and less time sitting in front of a virtual one?

By now you’ve probably heard about the DC-based lobbying firm that sent forged letters claiming to be from a Hispanic non-profit and the Virginia chapter of the NAACP to Virginia Congressman Tom Perriello urging him to oppose landmark global warming legislation. Faking letters from ethnic groups to oppose climate legislation? How low will opponents of clean energy stoop?

Allie’s Answers has been relaunched as The Greenist, a green group blog by regular people as they go green, with them talking about their challenges and goals in the process? Congrats to my friend Allie on this new venture!

As people begin to be more environmentally and economically conscious or perhaps just more conscious of the amount of garbage they generate, composting becomes popular. However, for many it’s still a new concept and it seems kind of mysterious. If you’re interested in learning more about it, here are a few composting basics to get you started.

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