Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 130.

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Did you see any of the meteor shower the last couple of days? I went out really late at night, got in the hammock, and just stared up at the stars – and was rewarded with one heck of a show. I hope you didn’t miss it! On to the Quick Green Reads…

With all the wonderment nature has to offer we can’t forget about being kind to the areas we visit. Especially, preserved lands. While we were in Yosemite we saw two groups, at different times, posing out in a meadow that had signs out in front clearly stating to keep out! Littering along trails and walking off the designated path and crossing a rope to take pictures are absolute NO, NO’s. Basically, you want to tread lightly and think green.

Whenever I mention to someone that I’m doing the no ”˜poo thing, it gets quite the reaction! Despite its confusing name, no ”˜poo has nothing to do with fecal matter. Though I have to admit I sort of enjoy that it sounds like maybe it does.

Whether you are a parent whose child is about to start school again, an educator preparing for a fresh roster full of young minds, or an individual, who like me, thinks that life is a never-ending journey of learning and opportunities for broadening your horizons , remember that a bit of irreverence is a good thing.

So you’re a renter? That power bill insert suggesting you upgrade attic insulation is probably more frustrating than useful. The same applies for most tips related to improving property. If your appliances are furnished, it’s likely you don’t even have the option to replace them with more efficient models. What’s a renter to do?

Polluters have already spent more than $100 million dollars trying to kill comprehensive climate and energy legislation. That money has wound up funding everything from misleading TV ads to forged letters to members of Congress. Now Big Oil is rolling out a new tactic — trying to gin up artificial rallies.

Going green has become an important priority for schools all over the country. While teachers and administrators are doing plenty to instill green values into school curricula and infrastructure, the best place to teach kids what to do at school, is”¦well at home!

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