Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 134.


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Labor Day signals the last big hurrah of the summer season. With summer winding down, the ready availability of fresh, local produce is also starting to come to end. But fear not, September and October still provide many opportunities to not only enjoy the last of the season, but also prolong it for use during the winter.

Dozens of times I have written about toys.. I even wrote about Natural Toys and CPSIA a couple times and how that dangerous legislation could limit our access to the safest toys for our kids. Mattel and Hasbro actually lobbied for this legislation. Why? Well, they would no doubt tell us it is to save our children from the dangers of lead and other unsafe things in toys. But my guess is that they want to put small, ethical toy makers out of business and limit our toy buying options.

My favorite item was the cassette-tape wallet. So I was excited to find this at the farmers market!

The High Price of Clean, Cheap Ethanol. Brazil hopes to supply drivers worldwide with the fuel of the future — cheap ethanol derived from sugarcane. It is considered an effective antidote to climate change, but hundreds of thousands of Brazilian plantation workers harvest the cane at slave wages.

Do you care about your children? Then stop flying. The industry is perhaps the most unsustainable on the planet. Each time we take a long-haul flight, we are personally responsible for emitting several tonnes of carbon dioxide – which will remain in the atmosphere for a century of more, warming the planet all the time, and potentially contributing to global warming so disastrous that it undoubtedly infringes the rights of future unborn generations to life and property.

Maybe we traded in a gas-guzzler for a car with better mileage. Wouldn’t it be better to ride bikes around town? Just make sure that bike is made from sustainable materials! We can always go a little further, right? The thing about that is, if we constantly focus on what we could or should be doing, I think we lose sight of all the positive changes we’ve made.

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