Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 135.

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Fantastic post for parents to check out. -> As a writer, and I hope, a thought-leader on childhood issues, I spend a lot of time speaking to parents, educators, and other grown-ups. Today, I want to speak to the kids. Hopefully, some of their grown-ups listen in. 10 things I wish.

Do we need coal for power? No. Logic finally succeeds in the battle over new plant.

The EPA reports that drinking water wells near oil and gas developments using hydraulic fracturing have been found to be contaminated by toxic compounds used in the process.

Many of us living in dry areas work to try to save our precious rainwater, but a California man is taking it to the extreme with his backyard rainwater harvesting system, capable of collecting and holding up to 20,000 gallons each year.

One of the best lessons I ever learned was that it was OK to fail. It is OK to make mistakes. Failure has a wonderful way of teaching you lessons, sometimes very painful lessons, that you can use the next time you tackle a problem.

How great would it be if there were want ads in your local newspaper or on Craigslist for organic fruits and vegetables, grown in your town, by your neighbors? A new website – Veggie Trader has sprung up that offers exactly such a service – a purchasing and bartering clearinghouse for locally grown fruits and vegetables.

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