Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 140.

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Two more weeks till the move! Almost everything is packed and ready to go, and I am very excited to arrive in my new home in Colorado. Looking forward to living in a city again; hope it goes well! On to some favorites I came across this past week…

Southwest Airlines, a 500 plane, budget airline in the south western states of the USA, has managed to use the word “green” in a spectactularly inappropriate way. See what you think.

Water shortages in the southeastern U.S. during the last two years were due to the skyrocketing population growth in the area, not just the drought, says a new study from Columbia University researchers.

President Obama’s recent speech about restoring scientific integrity to government decision making emphasized the importance of scientific literacy in achieving goals such as preserving our environment. One of the best ways to help promote scientific literacy in our kids is through hands-on activities and experiences that allow them to use the scientific method in the same ways that working scientists do. But an even better way is to engage them in projects that allow them to become “citizen scientists” themselves.

One way I like to try and make a difference is supporting sustainable companies that I can feel good about. There are two ways to do this, one is by buying their products, the other is by investing in their future and showing your support. The second way also leaves you an opportunity to benefit from the success of that company.

Vinegar to the rescue! To get the gym stink out of my workout clothes, I basically made a tank top marinade. I put the clothes in a wash basin, filled it with water, and added a cup of vinegar. I let it sit for a few hours, then ran the tank tops through the wash again, and magic! My workout clothes no longer smell like the end of my workout before my workout even begins.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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