Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 142.

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It’s moving day! Hopefully everything will go smoothly this weekend as I move in and get settled, and I expect to have internet service again starting on Monday. Wish me luck! To keep you busy, here are a few great articles that caught my eye over the past week…

I’d Like To Buy The World A Non-Carcinogenic, Responsibly Packaged, Healthier Alternative To Coke

It was a chilly and overcast day in Washington DC, when environmental activists from Appalachia got out of their cars and vans and started pounding makeshift cemetery grave stones into the lawn of the Environmental Protection Agency lawn.

Simran Sethi’s “Greening the Green Girl” series launched on Oprah.com

Now that I’m over six months deep into this gardening game ”˜m starting to notice a pattern in some of my plants. There is something wrong with their growth. The one commonality between all of these plants is that I did not feed any of them.

Across the country (and globe!), there is a movement spreading to connect the next generation , the wired generation , with nature. Jolted awake by Last Child In The Woods, people are working to create balance in the lives of the next generation and to instill a love of nature that will carry into adulthood.

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