Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 144.

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Paying More for Flights Eases Guilt, Not Emissions “The carbon offset has become this magic pill, a kind of get-out-of-jail-free card,” Justin Francis, the managing director of Responsible Travel, one of the world’s largest green travel companies to embrace environmental sustainability, said in an interview. “It’s seductive to the consumer who says, ”˜It’s $4 and I’m carbon-neutral, so I can fly all I want.’ ”

A new study by Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that the typical variety of cleaning products used in schools released 457 different chemicals into the air. The environmental health watchdog says that these common cleaning supplies can expose our children to chemicals which have been linked to health problems such as cancer and asthma.

I got into a little bit of a row recently with the guy that runs Holy Cow Products. We had a little back and forth in the comments section of a greenwash of the week post on The Good Human. The interaction itself and the little bit of product research I did on green cleaning products started me noodling over the real problem with greenwashing; which is that most people make product decisions based on product packaging and marketers know it

I’m a big proponent of the power of personal development to help us to become better fathers, and I think that by working on ourselves, we are working on our relationships and our family dynamic. In this video, I discuss the importance of finding a place to air your feelings, perhaps in a men’s group or other place that you feel safe and supported.

Thoughts on Christmas consumption…Gifting should be from the heart. Know your recipient’s needs, loves and lifestyle. Don’t buy what you want them to have. Buy something they can use in their everyday life, or something they would never buy for themselves. Make them smile, not wonder what on earth you were thinking!

Recyclops invades The Office tonight. It’s green week at NBC and Dwight Shrute does not disappoint by transforming into the fearsome green fighting machine Recyclops.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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