Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 147.

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I will be headed back east in the next week for the holidays, so posting will probably be a little sporadic once I hit the road and spend time with family. Just an FYI. Oh, and if you are still in need of picking up any gifts for friends and family, be sure to check out the eco-friendly gift guide I published a few days back – there is some great stuff in there!

At Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, if you end up in one of the beds because your burger had some super-bacteria, you’re in for a treat. Have you watched the movie Food Inc? If not, do yourself a favor: Before you eat another meal made from food that you don’t know the origins, watch this powerful film. (I just watched this the other night and it changed me…forever. I will review it here on TGH soon, but seriously – you MUST see this film)

Do you know your neighbors well? Does the neighborhood often gather for celebrations or social events? If you’re like most Americans, you probably answered no to one or more of these questions. Our lack of interaction isn’t just socially isolating; it also has an environmental impact, because we all tend to consume as individual people or families, rather than as small communities.

A few months back, alarming news reports like this ABC news video surfaced about the rise of superweeds. But the sensational story failed to focus on the most important point: these menacing superweeds are found in fields where GM crops are planted. This situation is rife with irony.

Climate denier Lord Christopher Monckton calls a group of young climate activists ‘Hitler Youth’ after the group crashed the stage at an Americans for Prosperity event in Copenhagen on Wednesday night.

Scientists from Sandia National Labs have successfully field-tested a machine that uses solar energy to convert CO2 waste from power plants into fuels such as gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel.

We know the basic idea: global warming melts polar ice, sending swells of ocean water toward our shores – and after becoming engulfed in an entirely blue world, people grow gills and are somehow turning pee into drinking water. Sounds crazy? Of course it does – thank you, Kevin Costner. But the basic idea of entire cities across the world becoming well beyond waterlogged is, in fact, a reality. And a scary one at that.

“Dust, noise and disturbing the neighbors peace”. Those are the reasons cited by Ernie and Kim Irvan for suing Charleston, South Carolina’s beloved Ambrose Farm. The irony is, Ernie is a former Nascar driver. Wow, that’s just plain stupid.

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