Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 150.


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New Energy Technologies’ who introduced us to harvesting energy from roadways has developed transparent solar cells which can be sprayed onto any glass surface. How? They successfully removed all metals from the solar cell.

School gardens are an excellent way for children to get to know fresh fruits and vegetables, supplement classroom instruction, and just plain spend more time outdoors. Alice Waters created the model for the Edible Schoolyard over a decade ago and dozens of school gardens have followed suit. Take a peek into eight programs that are teaching kids a love of gardening and cooking and then share some resources for starting program to your own school.

With the recent concern in the U.S. (finally! The rest of the world figured it out a while ago) with BPA, or Bisphenol A, I wanted to link to an older article of mine that talked about what BPA is and why you should avoid it. Check it out.

There is a new online magazine in town and its called Greening Of Oil. No, it’s not an algae bio-fuel site, its actually being brought to you by the petroleum industry!

Beginning life as a market stall in 2006, Unpackaged is a unique and brilliant concept that is so simple it hurts, especially considering the sheer amount of packaging waste that is ridiculously filling our planet’s landfill sites. (…)Organic whole foods, dried fruit, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices, even refillable oils, vinegars and wines are all available to place straight into your own containers, that you will have brought along with you – if you haven’t then reusable bags are available.

Environmentalism, I think we can all agree, is about many things. Responsibility. Health. Saving money, in many cases. Making sure future generations don’t have to struggle to survive in a wasteland. Although it’s controversial in many settings, at its heart, environmentalism is all about peace and love. So why does it cause so much fighting?

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  1. I think the school gardens are pretty cool. When I was in Colorado, we started a community garden using the Square Foot Garden method. The kids loved it – as did the adults.

    The great part of the square foot garden is that you need no pesticides, there is little work to keep it weed-free, and the goal is to compost everything to keep the cost down.

    As for the BPA info – I am totally with you. I have been writing and posting about it at http://news.poisonbottleco.com. The guy that started PBC did it because of BPA and the cost of bottles. I am totally with you.

    I look forward to reading the rest of the links. Thanks for the share.

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