Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 153.

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Just in case there was still any doubt out there, a blizzard in Washington DC does not mean that global warming isn’t happening. Global warming, the general term used for what is happening around the world, results in climate change – more extreme in some places, less extreme in other places. If anything, it is proof that it is on it’s way. So please, don’t believe everything Faux News tells you – believe in science! There are plenty of places to go for correct information. As my friend Adam said, “Warmer air temperatures create more moisture in the air… and when this moisture laden air mixes with temperatures cold enough to snow, the result is increased snowfall.” So please, let’s stop with the non-scientific pundit nonsense, ok? Great, thanks. After all, according to Faux, “If It’s Dark Outside, The Sun Must Have Been Destroyed!

French feminist thinker Elisabeth Badinter blames the green movement for pushing French women back into the traditional role of a mother chained to her home and child – a role the feminist movement has worked hard in helping women have more freedom of choice in whether and how they fulfill it.

I realize many people now are opting to make their own bread as an alternative to store-bought bread in plastic bags. But I don’t have a bread machine. Nor do I have the will to make bread the old fashioned way, although my friend Mark does it all the time. Here’s what I do: Take my reusable cloth bag to the bakery and ask to have my (unsliced!) bread placed directly inside it. (This is what I do as well at Whole Foods)

Chinese farms cause more pollution than factories, says official survey. Groundbreaking government survey pinpoints fertilizers and pesticides as greater source of water contamination. Senior officials said the disclosure, after a two-year study involving 570,000 people, would require a partial realignment of environmental policy from smoke stacks to chicken coops, cow sheds and fruit orchards.

In a finding that completely bucks conventional thinking, scientists have discovered the female sex hormone progesterone in a walnut tree. Despite the small differences in chemical structures and large differences in physiological function of steroids, it was believed that only animals could produce the hormone. But new discoveries indicate that plants and animals are more closely related than previously thought.

It looks like a number of city and regional planners are starting to declare war on the cul-de-sac. Early last year, the state of Virginia became the first state to severely limit cul-de-sacs from future development. Similar actions have been taken in Portland Oregon, Austin, Texas, and Charlotte, North Carolina. What they are beginning to realize is that the cul-de-sac street grid uses land inefficiently, discourages walking and biking, and causes an almost complete dependence on driving, with attendant pollution and energy use.

A recently published report is exposing some shocking exploitation of the Amazon’s natural resources–and this times it’s water being stolen. Where is this water headed? According to the report, “tankers are quietly removing water” to be bottled and sold in Europe and the Middle East.

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