Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 155.

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Coffee nerds, I need your help. I am looking to get a new french press, but I need one that holds a substantial amount of coffee – not a little one. I work from home and drink coffee all morning. I would also prefer it to be insulated, but I can always pick up a carafe if needed. Any ideas on a good one? Thanks!

E-readers are spineless compared with hardcover books, lacking the soulful carbon fingerprints of readers past. You cannot fold the pages of the wafer-thin gadgets, or make your mark with splotches of food or wine. And the idea of clutching the casing to your chest after reading the final line of a novel just leaves me cold. As one book club friend of mine waxes, “There’s just something about the smell of a book.” Still, we all can smell and see the writing is on the screen when it comes to these devices outsourcing print media, sparing trees and saving money.

With the return of the sun, despite the fact that more snow and ice are in the forecast for this week, I’m starting to think about spring planting and growing my own food! It all started when a seed catalog arrived in my mailbox.

What’s Simply Car-Free about? This book will benefit anyone who is interested in trimming back their debt, getting healthy and living a simpler lifestyle. Simply Car-free is full of tips, tools and strategies that will help you live a good life, without having to depend on an automobile.

Yesterday, I read about the deadlock in Congress over dealing with our deficit and I felt just sickened. I twittered: “I’ve begun to think that both parties care more about institutional survival than our national and planetary survival.” …He doesn’t realize what it is like to hear the words “clean coal”–a term made up by the coal industry lobbyists–on the lips of the party we thought would be aggressive on climate–the Democrats.

Not that being part of a trend is ever a good reason to start or learn something new, but if it helps you move forward by being part of the “in” crowd, then you really need to plant your own edible garden this year.

In case you missed it, Katie Couric did an investigative report on the common practice amongst factory farms of feeding healthy animals antibiotics. More and more farm workers are turning up with what is now becoming a common and potentially deadly infection known as MRSA or methicillin resistant staph. According to Katie Couric’s report, there is evidence that MRSA has now been found in the nation’s meat supply.

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  1. Bodum is the french press “king” they have a double wall unit that keeps the coffee hot…


    that’s the link for the double wall 1 liter (about 8 cups) the 1.5 L (12 cup) is available in the single wall for about $50..you would need a carafe to keep it warm.

    we are using a smaller single wall for camping and at the cabin..at home we run the Giotto. I just ran a post about coffee on my blog recently.


  2. I also use a Bodum French Press. They are great quality. I have the single wall, while it doesn’t keep the coffee hot for hours, it does keep it warm for a while.

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