Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 156.

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Are you a writer who writes about environmental issues, sustainability, or progressive politics? Looking for additional exposure? I am looking for some guest posts for the site when I head to Los Angeles for a little bit later this month. If you want to write an article, please contact me and let me know. Thanks!

I claimed that one of the reasons I opt for organic food is for environmental reasons and my friend gave me the most flabbergasted look on the planet. He flat out refused to believe that organic food is more environmentally sound than “normal” food. This set me on a quest to defend my position that organic food is better for the environment. So here are the top three environmentally based reasons I choose to eat organic food.

What is more dangerous, climate change or terrorism? We are all too familiar with the consequences of terrorism and few deny the earth’s climate is changing. In today’s social discourse both ideas are loaded and politicized. Neither phenomenon is universally defined and the approach to each is emotional and controversial. Consider the causalities of each to determine which is more dangerous.

Since I started listing scrap packs in my shop, I’ve been going through mailers like nobody’s business! I’d already worked through the stash I’d set aside from packages that came to us, and using brand new ones just felt so wasteful. Instead, I decided to raid the recycle bin and see about whipping up some mailers of my own!

Essentially, ecovillages are small communities of people who share common spiritual, economic, and ecological values. Often they see the modern lifestyles embraced by much of the world, including factory farming, consumerism and urban sprawl, as a threat to the natural order of life. Ecovillages are an alternative to modern living.

Do your kids a favor. Let them get bored. Painfully bored. Boredom is good for kids. It forces them to entertain themselves, which ignites their creative intelligence. From this, they learn that they can solve their own problems. This is HUGE!

(new) Smart Home opens – The earthy palette of colors uses zero-VOC paint and the furniture is made from recycled steel, FSC certified or reclaimed woods and soy-based and recycled fiber cushions. Every square inch of the home and garden is tricked out with beautiful ideas, from home automation, energy and water monitors, rain catchment, gray water systems, green roofs,wind power, solar film,LED lighting, and edible earthboxes, off-site construction, and a whole lot more.

Climate-related journalism has been dominated for the last few months by the scientific community equivalent of trashy romance novel plot twists. Overhyped e-mail scandals, questions of scientist misconduct, retracted studies and, believe it or not, even an actual trashy romance novel. Mix in all these things with the general failure of Copenhagen, a dead-but-not-really-dead-but-probably-mostly-dead climate or energy bill on Capitol Hill and various other tidbits like UNFCCC chief Yvo de Boer’s resignation and you get a journalistic train wreck. Don’t let the juicy get in the way of the important.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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