Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 157.


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It’s been a snowy, cold winter here in the U.S., and of course that means lots of jokes about us kicking that global warming problem. The thing is, this was the fourth warmest January on record worldwide. Weather is not the same as climate.

Chemical Antimony Found In Plastic Bottles of Fruit Juice. According to a statement released on March 1 from the Royal Society of Chemistry, 42 different juices were tested across 16 brands, and found concentrations of antimony up to a factor of 2.7 above the EU limit for drinking water.

As a fellow writer friend of mine recently said, City = landscape. Treat it that way. Sometimes we’re so caught up in doing the right things to get away from city life that we forget how rich the urban landscape itself can be. Take a Hike: 5 More Great Tips for the Urban Explorer

One of my all-time favorite posts here was written last May when I confessed my family’s various processed food addictions. Oh, the hilarious comments that poured forth with more confessions! Good times! We’re all trying to feed our families healthy food, and yeah, convenience foods sure do come in handy. The big one for us was Annie’s Mac & Cheese.

I wanted to talk about what is in what many consider to be the most natural of all the natural deodorants -the crystal rock deodorant. But, if you are switching to a natural deodorant to avoid aluminium, then the natural deodorant better not have aluminium, right? The thing is – those crystal deodorants contain aluminium.

Dust bunnies aren’t just the visible reminder than we’ve (once again) waited far too long to clean house. They can also be allergenic and they contain toxic chemicals. Now that’s a more compelling reason to clean than impressing the guests.

Humans have long concocted glorious images of flying machines with an aspiration to defy gravity. With air travel called into question due to issues including fuel consumption and the effect that airplane contrails have on the earth’s atmosphere when emitted at high altitudes, we now see Zeppelins making a comeback.

Soon the waters off the Maldives may become a favorite haunt of our world’s most feared and misunderstood predators. The New York Times reports that the Indian Ocean island nation will become the second country to announce blanket protection for its sharks.

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  1. Actually, Becky, that statement is misleading at best.

    Deodorant crystals contain Potassium alum or ammonium alum, not aluminum (or commonly, aluminum chlorohydrate).

    These molecules are large enough not to be absorbed by the body, unlike aluminum chlorohydrate, which can.

  2. Jay: That’s what I thought, too. Saying it’s the same thing would be like saying sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is the same thing as sodium chloride (table salt).

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