Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 159.

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On the road again back to Colorado this morning. I am taking the long way around to explore some of southern AZ and NM before getting back to my place, but I am definitely going to miss California for sure.

Proving the international appeal of a radical homemaker lifestyle, Canada’s Globe and Mail profiles local families that have made the transition. These are people who have chosen to opt out of the rat race and live their lives according to their most precious values: environmental sustainability, social justice, family, and community.

It’s hard to beat the convenience of a battery-powered mop. All you have to do is press the button, and the cleaning solution squirts out onto the floor right in front of you! Then, with just a few back-and-forth sweeps of the mop, your floor is clean! But let’s face it: Those mops aren’t exactly green.

The shopping mall is not dead. In Cleveland, in fact, it’s growing green: cucumbers, lettuce, herbs and even flowers. In the former Galleria at Erieview mall, a project called Gardens Under Glass is taking root, part of a grand plan to transform malls into greenhouses.

Cloth diapers are just one way to green up your baby care and save money. Another way is using reusable baby wipes vs. disposable baby wipes. When my son Cedar was a baby, I only bought reusable wipes for long road trips – the rest of the time I used reusable cloth wipes.

Parents: 10 Reasons Kids Need Fresh Air. Kids who spend time outside have fitter bodies, better eyesight, less stress, and better grades. The National Wildlife Federation’s new Be Out There Campaign aims to educate tens of million of U.S. moms and dads on the importance of helping their kids have more time outdoors and providing tools to do so.

Have a great weekend everyone, see you next week!

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