Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 161.

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Spring is here! No it isn’t. It’s 70 degrees out! It’s snowing. If there is one thing I can definitively say about Colorado it is this – the weather is bizarre this time of year. In the past week I have worn shorts and a t-shirt while taking the skateboard out for a ride one day, followed the next day by bundling up and wiping snow off the car. Can’t wait for summer when I know it won’t snow anymore! On to the reads…

Once upon a time I stopped kids from playing in the mud. I’m sorry kids. Mud play is not only fun, it has as much potential for learning as sand play and water play. Nowadays I embrace the mud. Here are some ways to incorporate mud play into the preschool program.

Last Thursday, Don Blankenship, CEO of Massey Energy, the fourth largest United States coal company, ranted that his critics were “communists,” “atheists,” and “greeniacs.” In an address before the Tug Valley Mining Institute in Williamson, WV, Blankenship said those who criticize him are “our enemies” like Osama bin Laden.

One of the symptoms of the sorry state of modern manhood is the crafting of pseudo-manliness articles, which tend to revolve around the stereotype of the foolish and shallow man who acts macho and virile, while completely disregarding some of the higher virtues of manliness. In order to balance out those articles, I’d like to begin offering some alternatives.For my first pick, I’d like to offer up this manly skill: Being of service to others. (Great article, Derek)

Glacier National Park has lost two more of its glaciers to climate change and many of the rest may be gone by the end of the decade. The glaciers, which once numbered as many as 150, have been reduced to 25.

For the first time in a decade, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to add more chemicals to the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) list of reportable chemicals. Based on a review of available studies that indicate these chemicals could cause cancer in people, the EPA proposes to add 16 chemicals to the TRI. (What a difference a new President can have sometimes)

…That’s right ladies and gents, we’re talking about the environmental impact of feminine hygiene products: tampons, pads, the whole deal. Now before I get into this topic I want to address the readers who might be cringing here. While acknowledging that public discussion of menstruation is a bit on the taboo side socially, environmentally it does have an impact. For something that happens to half of the human population, the whole process and associated products are treated with a bizarre amount of shame and secrecy. When it comes to environmental issues, pretending like it doesn’t happen or doesn’t have an environmental effect is a problem in and of itself.

The Food and Drug Administration said recent research raises “valid concerns” about the possible health effects of triclosan, an antibacterial chemical found in a growing number of liquid soaps, hand sanitizers, dishwashing liquids, shaving gels and even socks, workout clothes and toys.

Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!

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