Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 163.

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I guess Spring has really arrived, as most of the articles in this week’s Reads are about gardening. From composting to local foods to urban gardening, this roundup should be inspirational to those of you getting started on your gardens for the year. Enjoy!

It’s Earth Day! Quick, everybody buy stuff! Forty years ago Earth Day was modeled after the “teach ins” that people used to protest the war in Vietnam. Today it seems more like an overbearing marketing campaign.

I don’t eat meat, I try to eat and shop locally, I don’t drive or own a car, I live in a small apartment, I am careful with my utility usage, and I spend a lot of time considering how my choices impact the world around me. One thing that I wasn’t doing was composting.

Fruits and vegetables aren’t only good for you, they are good for farmers and local workers as well. There’s a new study, done by Iowa State University’s Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, and it found that increased fruit/vegetable farming in the northern part of the Midwestern U.S. can increase jobs and productivity when compared with an equivalent acreage of soybeans or corn. Fruits and Vegetables: Better for Us and Better for the Economy

Radical Changes to Make Every Day Earth Day. I might as well come clean here by stating that I am not an environmentalist. Many people have referred to me as one, and perhaps I might be considered an environmental activist for some of the work I do, but”¦ I do not think of myself in those terms.

Guerrilla gardening is the practice of reclaiming abandoned land (which the gardeners do not own) and “bombing” it with plants, fruits and vegetables. Some do it under the cover of night, while others prefer doing it in broad daylight. There are different motives for why people do it, whether it be to beautify a neglected area, provide food, be part of the urban agriculture revolution, or to feel a sense of community with those around them.

Mike from Urban Organic Gardener has arrived in LA! I got my first set of planting done on my LA balcony garden. The day started with building five self-watering containers. This year I built them using two containers, instead of one container and some tiling. I planned on building six of them, but the last pairing of containers were mismatched and wouldn’t work.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people have provided lists of things to do (or not do) on Earth Day this year. Since there are almost an infinite number of things you could do (today and any other day) to benefit the environment, I’m going to propose something a little different: This year, for Earth Day, think. Think before you act, think before you consume, think about the fact that each of your actions has an impact on the Earth. Whether it’s positive or negative is totally up to you.

Have a great weekend!

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