Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 166.

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On Wednesday morning I woke up to snow on the ground. On May 12th. After hitting 80 degrees just a few days prior. Remember the good ole days when winter actually ended and didn’t come out of nowhere to surprise everyone? Me too…

Last week residents of Concord, Massachusetts voted to ban the sale of all bottled water by next January, making it the first U.S. town to take such action. The effort was lead by Jean Hill, an 82-year old activist, who lobbied neighbors and officials alike on the consequences of plastic bottles filling landfills and polluting local waters.

The President’s Cancer Panel is the Mount Everest of the medical mainstream, so it is astonishing to learn that it is poised to join ranks with the organic food movement and declare: chemicals threaten our bodies.

But what about protecting our families from things in the environment, such as toxic chemicals in our food, water, personal care and household cleaners? That’s pretty manly.

It seems almost like a natural progression for a yoga-lover to also be a lover of the Earth, though this doesn’t always translate in the tools we choose for our practices. Whether it’s a mat made from toxic PVC or clothing from cotton that’s produced at the expense of Indian farmers, there are better options out there!

Small amounts can matter a lot too when we are talking about living life and doing things. I have found myself realizing that $5 can go a long way if I’m creative and give it a chance. No more waiting for a $20 before I start a project or take the kids out for some fun. Here are 20 things you can do today with just $5.

Disgusted. Discouraged. Sick to my stomach. Helpless. These are just some of the words that describe how I feel every time I hear about the hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil being spewed into the Gulf of Mexico every day. By far, the worst of these is the feeling of helplessness. Most of us can’t personally do anything to get all that oil out of the ocean, so what can we do?

Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!

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