Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 168.

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I will be embarking shortly on yet another cross-country drive and will be gone for a month or so. I plan on taking old highways and back country roads instead of the major highways (at least as much as possible) because I want to see the country – not just blur by it at 70 MPH. That being said, posting will of course continue here, but if you are interested in submitting a guest post, I would love to run it! Thousands of people a day read the site, a few thousand more subscribe to the daily posts, and 7300 people get the Twitter posts – it’s not a bad way to get some exposure for your writing and/or website. Let me know if you are interested in sending something along, and we’ll see what we can do. On to the Reads!

So you want to install solar PV or solar thermal in your home? You can save money on your system by conserving energy first. The smaller your energy needs, the smaller your system will need to be.

Not to drag you further into despair, but, well – I have some more bad news. The Gulf of Mexico is not the only eco tragedy, although, despite the amount of readily available oil, it is the squeakiest right now, capturing most – if not all – of the environmental disaster limelight. There’s another story that deserves equal -if not more-attention

Mayors and city planners the world over are beginning to rethink the role of the automobile, seeking ways to design cities for people, not cars. The integration of walkways and bikeways into urban transport systems anchored by public transportation makes a city eminently more livable than one that relies almost exclusively on private automobiles. Noise, pollution, congestion, and frustration are all lessened – and we and the earth are both healthier.

Depending on the age of the child, composting has many lessons to teach. Older children can learn about such things as the life cycle, death and decomposition, resource management, and the state of our garbage and landfills. They also learn about biodegradable and non-biodegradable items and how this affects recycling and renewal for the earth.

Electric vehicles are gearing up to become the next best thing since sliced bread, aren’t they? Well, that may be what the EV auto makers would like us to believe, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just quite yet. I mean what good is an electric vehicle without a charge?

Manufacturers have been adding the germ fighter triclosan to soaps, hand washes, and a range of other products for years. But here’s a dirty little secret: Once it washes down the drain, that triclosan can spawn dioxins. (Also, see my article What Is Tricolsan And Why You Should Avoid It for more info)

In my reading, both on the web and in print, I’ve come across two basic types of men: those who believe that their development as a person and as a man is finished (and anyone who thinks differently is some kind of girly-man or should get over it), and those who are willing to go deeper – to explore their shadow side, their weaknesses and fears – in order to grow into the man they know they are capable of. To be an authentic man.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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