Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 169.

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Not much to say other than I am looking forward to getting out of dodge for a while and seeing some friends and family on the east coast. Still have some spaces for guest posts, so if you have one you want to send in, feel free to contact me! Enjoy…

Farmers planting strawberries and other crops in California will soon have to contend with cancer-causing poison instead of bugs, worms and fungus if regulators get their wish.

Wanna see how you can live offgrid but still have all the comforts of your current life? Check out this video of a solar system that “for about 12 hours per day, I power just the laptop from this system (as well as the DSL modem, webcam, weather station, and fans and pump for my Pepino swamp cooler). For this video, I fired up all three of my HP computers….all powered by the sun.”

We need now more than ever before to make sure that every action we each take and every deliberation we engage in is done so with its potential impact on the next seventh generations first and foremost in our minds.

Big is not beautiful anymore. American home square footage has been ballooning for years, but that’s got to end. In our patriotic efforts to live up to our international reputation of being over-consumptive, we are living in way more space than we need.

Use hand sanitizer? Are you using a safe, nontoxic one or that smelly kind that smells like gasoline? Check out this safe, natural one – your hands (and nose) will thank you.

It already costs less than $5 to make a self-watering container, but someone gave me an idea as to how to make a self-watering container even cheaper.

The healthy fruits and vegetables you feed your little one to make him grow “big and strong” could actually be injuring his brain, according to a recent study published in the journal Pediatrics. Scientists have discovered that exposure to pesticides called organophosphates increases the likelihood that a child will suffer from the learning disorder Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

See ya!

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