Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 170.

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On the road again…See you guys on the other coast in a few days!

My good friend Allie over at The Greenists (formerly Allies Answers) has just had her debut novel published! Her book, STAY, was released yesterday and I am taking my copy of the book with me to Florida to enjoy on the deck. Congrats Allie!

The Good Human has been chosen as one of the Top 10 Best Green Blogs of 2010 over at Viewpoints.com. Aw, thanks guys!

Across the country, car sharing has taken off. For many people who don’t want the hassle of car ownership, insurance, trips to the DMV, high gas prices, and parking, this is an easy option for the times they need a car to get to the beach or reach a far flung place not accessible via transit or bike.

When discussing the United States’ current education system, Seth Godin says, “We train the factory workers of tomorrow. Our graduates are very good at following instructions. And we teach the power of consumption as an aid for social approval.”

Hard to believe that our nation’s “Toxic Substances Control Act” has NOT been amended, updated or improved since its inception in 1976. I guess our repeated exposure to toxic chemicals isn’t high on our government’s list of urgent issues. Perhaps it’s time to change that perception.

Four years ago, just after giving birth to her second child, the stay-at-home mom heard about BPA, a chemical inside some plastics that can leach into water or food slowly over time, potentially causing serious health problems like cancer. What Sprague didn’t realize is that BPA, or bisphenol A, is ubiquitous. Simply put, just about anything you eat that comes out of a can — from Campbell’s Chicken Soup and SpaghettiOs to Diet Coke and BumbleBee Tuna — contains the same exact chemical.

In case you are wondering, which are the greenest cities in the U.S. that are offering green jobs, here are some of them, known as the capitals of the green workers. San Francisco is the leader in the U.S., when it comes to green jobs.

I love the idea of seed bombs. If they’re done right, I think they can be such a fun way to add some beauty to a blighted area. If you decide to drop seed bombs, just make sure you’re not inadvertently spreading invasive species or bombing private property that someone is caring for.

Have a great weekend!

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