Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 171.

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Ah, Florida. After living inland for the past few years, I do miss being by the beach. There is just something about being by the water that is missing where I live. Maybe I should move to the beach again? Excuse me while I head back out to the hammock on the porch…

Burials are mostly the living image of how we chose to live. So if you have a heart concerned about the environment, you have to consider being buried the ecological way. (However, I believe that cremation is truly the greenest way, and it is how I plan on going out.)

… I noted that the store carried my Biokleen dishwasher detergent in bulk as well as their cleaning spray. Then I noticed — for the very first time — the amazing liquid bulk foods section: organic canola and olive oil, tamari sauce, maple syrup, two kinds of honey and a few other items. How could I have missed this before? Getting into this habit isn’t too hard, but like any baby step you just have to be ready and wanting to embrace it. I was ready. Here’s how I established this new habit.

You pull in to the drive through at McDonald’s and you place your order. And then you ask for some cadmium on the side. What? You don’t want cadmium when you go to McDonald’s? Well, then don’t order the French fries (just so you know, fries generally have 0.06 parts per million or “ppm” cadmium). And don’t buy the new promotional Shrek Forever After glasses at McDonald’s, because, well, the painted decorations have cadmium.

Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday. Hopefully you’re prepared and have something great planned for Dad. If not, I wanted to share a few Father’s Day ideas for the fun and environmentally-friendly Dad!

The lighting sector is on the edge of a spectacular revolution, a shift from the century-old, inefficient incandescent light bulb to far more efficient technologies. Perhaps the quickest, most profitable way to reduce electricity use worldwide, thus cutting carbon emissions, is simply to change light bulbs. How Many Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs Does It Take to Close 705 Coal Plants?

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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  1. Water is good!

    (I saw that in a webcomic, painted on the side of a settling tank in a wastewater treatment plant, accompanied by an adorable Pokemon-type creature, and it made me LOL.)

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