Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 174.

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Back from my month-long road trip across America! My trip took me from CO to Florida via back roads and small towns, from Florida to MA through the Blue Ridge Mountains, and then from MA back to CO in one sitting…with a 4 hour nap at a rest area in Missouri. It’s good to be home, but I had a great time on the road. Let’s check out some Reads from this past week…

Our Plunder of Nature Will End Up Killing Capitalism and Our Obscene Lifestyles. To anyone who is paying attention, things look doomed. Fortunately for American capitalism, nobody is paying attention. They never have.

Today I watched a neighbor’s kids. We made toad houses and planted sunflowers and it was a treat for me. My garden does not look like much – it is too young yet but to see a habitat garden through the eyes of a child makes it amazing. There is a lot of life going on in my backyard, I’m just too used to it. Everything was WOOOOOOWWWW! to them. You know what, it is pretty WOW.

No matter who you are or where you live, you have probably experienced stress at some point in your life. What does matter is how you chose to deal with those stresses. If you don’t deal with them sensibly you will probably stress yourself out even more. So here are 10 green ways to help lower your stress level.

The economy is tanking, the Gulf is full of oil, and the U.S. is experiencing record heat waves. With gas and food prices set to spike in the next few years, many professionals are starting to eye the exit door. Now a growing online community of off-gridders is here to help them.

It wouldn’t surprise me if every single major company ever accused of any significant or memorable environmental degradation was also guilty of greenwashing. When companies are not forced to pay for the damage they do, paying money to market themselves as green is almost always cheaper than actually changing their business practices to be more ecologically sustainable.

When talking about moving away from a carbon-based economy, one of the biggest arguments you hear is that folks rely on fossil fuels for their livelihoods. Those people are right. Oil and coal production employ quite a lot of people! The thing you don’t hear as much about is that a new, green economy is going need workers, too.

It is days like today that I’m convinced I have one of best clothes dryers in the world. I’ve been using a line to hang-dry my clothes for about 10 years and I originally turned to the clothesline out of laziness, a desire to shrink my ecological footprint and to save some money on the electricity bill, as the Fort Collins Coloradoan documented in 2007. But in the summer months, the reason I prefer to use a clothesline is because it’s simply the best clothes dryer out there.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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