Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 176.


Completely off-topic, but I wanted to tell you guys – go see the movie Inception if you haven’t seen it yet. I saw it the other day and I think I am going to go see it again. Absolutely amazing, and proof that great movies can still come out of Hollywood once in a while. On to the Reads…

Purchasing and installing solar power on your home or business can be overwhelming. You want to do your part for the environment, but don’t know where to begin, right? Here are a few ideas and resources to get you started.

If you or your son or daughter is in high school, have you given any thought to college majors? There are all kinds of schools out there that offer all kinds of degrees, but for someone who wants to take eco-friendliness into a career, the time is now to start looking at what colleges offer the best environmental studies programs.

The Earthship crew goes to Haiti to help teach about and rebuild sustainable housing for earthquake survivors.

It’s easy to take flush toilets, grid-power, and fresh water on tap for granted. I can’t blame any of us for thinking that all these modern conveniences are normal”¦ it’s the only normal we’ve known. Due to this most folks have a hard time imagining an off-the-grid life because it’s not clear what’s needed to make the leap. So here’s a crash course in practical and sustainable solutions for moving yourself off-the-grid.

Looking for a refreshing alternative to throwing away your toothpaste tubes? This easy do-it-yourself project upcycles your empty tubes into a simple toothbrush holder. Upcycling materials like these are a great way to reuse without costing a mint.

Melting glaciers, more humid air and eight other key indicators show that global warming is undeniable, scientists said on Wednesday, citing a new comprehensive review of the last decade of climate data.

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