Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 194

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Somehow, this entire collection of Reads has become about food. Could it be because I am thinking about how much self-control I will need to put in place to stop myself from eating everything this holiday season? While I plan a hiatus from my healthy diet, take a look at what food issues people are talking about today…

A year and a half ago, my husband Travis and I decided we wanted to be organic farmers. Neither of us had a background in agriculture. In fact, I was probably about as disconnected from physical labor as you can get , I was pursuing my PhD. This weekly series will take you through Travis’ and my journey to own and operate our own organic farm.

Thousands more children would eat lunches and dinners at school and all school food would become more nutritious under a bill President Barack Obama signed into law Monday, part of an administration-wide effort to combat childhood obesity.

I see food as the low hanging fruit of social change. We all eat. We all do it regularly. It’s actionable and tangible. And everyone can relate to it. For my family and I, it was a way to fundamentally change our lives.

Among the secrets buried in the State Department cables released by Wikileaks: Compared to capitalist food, socialist food is tasty and cheap. Or at least it is in Venezuela.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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