Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 196

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After being away for a few weeks, it feels good to be back in California and 70 degree weather. So very glad I missed that second big blizzard back east the other day! On to the Reads…

Even at the highest levels of sustainability and efficiency, is it reasonable to label a huge home “green?” Should LEED ratings and green building incentives apply to single-family residences over a certain subjective maximum, say 2,800 square feet?

What it’s Like to Ride the Fastest Train in the World

Instead of wasteful plastic and wooden stirrers, why not use an ecookie? Dense enough to keep a satisfying crunch when stirring yet scrumptiously delicious as that extra little treat.

We’ve talked quit a bit around here about eco-friendly jewelry making. From making your own recycled colored pencil beads to using yoga to recoop after a jeweling marathon, there are lots of ways to green up your jewelry making adventures. One thing that I don’t think gets enough attention is the metal that we use in our crafting.

More and more people are starting to think ethically about their food. Where it comes from, how many miles it has traveled, what kind of conditions it grew in. If it is an animal product, people want to know that the animals were treated well. But do you think ethically about your furniture?

The UAE is well on its way to rid the country of plastic bags by 2013, Dr Rashid Ahmed bin Fahd, Minister of Environment and Water, said on Saturday 9th January. (Sadly, we don’t have the political will to manage to do the same here in the US.)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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