Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 197

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Did you know that when you spell bottled-water company Evian’s name backwards it spells “Naive”? Yep. Please don’t be naive and buy Evian bottled water, as filtered tap is just fine! On to the Reads…

It states pretty clearly in our manifesto that, “”¦”¦we are going to build our own home on a heavy-duty trailer that will feature sustainable building supplies and techniques”¦.” This includes our materials, our building practices, our waste, our carbon footprint, our use of the land, etc.

There have been a few developments in the past week that indicate that we should probably pay more attention to the chemicals we are collecting in our bodies and what their impacts might be.

Check out my friend Zoe Weil’s talk at TED, The World Becomes What You Teach

Now I could tell you to recycle your bottles, cans, newspapers, plastics, etc. I could also say to get a separate recycling bin in your house to make it easy to recycle. I could say compost leftover foods rather than putting them in the trash, etc. However, recycling your way into the new year starts way before all those steps.

Often a spray, toxic chemical or something else is used. We don’t think or see how it effects everything else. There are other animals that interact with that rodent afterwards that become effected. It goes beyond just effecting the “problem” (rodent). The entire eco-system becomes disturbed and a trickle down effect occurs.

An Indianapolis candy company issued a formal recall for its ‘Nuclear Sludge’ Chew Bars after it was found that they contain elevated levels of lead. Did you catch the irony?

“Holy Shit!” is damned right. Here’s a book about just that , manure. Precious, plentiful, misunderstood manure. Cow manure, horse poop, human feces, dog shit, you name it, Gene Logsdon writes about it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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