Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 200

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I recently started a “Couch to 10k” running program and let me tell you – it sucks. Granted, it feels good once I am done and back in my house eating chips and drinking beer, but when I am doing it I really question my sanity. Any of you guys ever do these type of programs? It’s pretty brutal when you haven’t run any further than from your couch to the door to greet the UPS man in recent years. But I will finish it… and then race you to the closest buffet. On to the Reads…

According to a new report from the National Oil Spill Commission looking into the causes of the Gulf disaster, everyone involved did a super job except for one jackass in the BP marketing department.

Palm oil is a renewable resource? In a manner of speaking , it does come from a plant, and you don’t have to kill the plant to get the oil. But these palm oil plantations are being planted where rainforests used to grow, on lands that once belonged to indigenous peoples, now seized by unscrupulous palm oil producers. These rainforests are being clear cut in order to grow palm trees.

Take Los Angeles for example, where recently the Metro retired their last diesel bus, thus becoming the world’s first major transit agency to operate only using clean fuel buses. Then there’s the big news about Vice President Biden announcing a $53 billion high speed rail system for the U.S. But what can individual cities do in order to make their transportation greener on an immediate basis?

Yoga is all about that mind-body-spirit connection, and what better way to complete that relationship than making sure that your practice is as good for the planet as it is for your soul!

Going green isn’t just about doing things like using cloth bags instead of plastic or paper or taking a bike to work once in a while instead of driving. There is a certain psychology behind a green or environmentally friendly lifestyle.

More than 2,500 U.S. scientists sent a letter to members of Congress today urging them to reject legislation that would undermine an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finding under the Clean Air Act that heat-trapping emissions are altering the climate and endangering public health.

Have a great weekend!

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