Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 201


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Hey could you guys do me a favor? Let me know in the comments if you find this weekly roundup to be handy at all. When I first started this site almost 5 years ago, us “bloggers” did a lot of linking to promote each other’s writings and get the word out on different projects. 201 weeks ago I started this (almost) weekly feature but I am wondering if it serves a purpose anymore for the readers of this site. There are tons of green sites out there and cross-promotion doesn’t really happen anymore, so am wondering about the viability of continuing to do it. Let me know in the comments if you have a second. Thanks!

Bio-diesel remains one of the most lucrative green fuel options available today. Of the many purposed systems for refining bio-diesel they almost always universally use plant-based oils. Often overlooked is the use of animal fats to make bio-diesel, specifically human fat harvested from liposuction.

One thing that we don’t always think about as we go through each day is the quality of the air in the environment around us. Unless the air quality is extremely poor, we usually don’t worry about it or at least don’t pay attention to it. But there are many different things that contribute to poor environmental air quality and so awareness is the first step in ensuring you aren’t subjecting yourself or your family to unhealthful conditions.

Since I’ve been called out on not being able to eat from my balcony garden, I’ve decided to start it from scratch. To start, the plants that were left over from being harvested were pulled up from the roots. Using a trowel, the soil in the containers was loosened up and turned. Any big clumps of roots were taken out as well. The plants, roots and soil were tossed into the compost bin.

Why Monsanto Always Wins. Could it be because they get some great PR and a blind eye from enviro orgs like The Nature Conservancy?

For the last two decades, Joshua Tree National Park, a national treasure and premier nature destination, has been threatened by an enormous garbage dump that would devastate the park’s fragile desert ecosystem. Urge Interior Secretary Salazar, before the February 25th deadline, to protect Joshua Tree National Park by opposing the developer’s petition to the Supreme Court and allowing the lower court decisions to stand.

Have a great weekend everyone…

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  1. You asked if this blog was still hnndy. I don’t miss reading any posts that I am sent. I also learn about alot of things I didn’t even know about. So, please continue.


  2. Yes, this feature is very handy. I do not follow very many blogs, so I find articles through your Quick Green Reads posts that I probably would not find otherwise. Please continue to write them.

  3. Yes, I find the Quick Reads very useful. Get your blog in Google Reader and often click to the links you send. Thanks for all the good work you do!

  4. Personally, I don’t usually read through these roundups, as I find that you’ve likely dealt with the matters in more detail in your individual posts. I much prefer to deal with one issue at a time, with direct arrival on screen, without having to link here and there.
    Keep up your good work–and stay warm!

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