Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 202

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Thanks for your feedback on last week’s Green Reads. I will continue to put together this roundup for the foreseeable future since a bunch of you do like it. Thanks again! On to the Reads…

Industrial boilers and incinerators currently receive an enormous public subsidy. They emit toxic air pollutants like mercury, cadmium, and acid gases, which even in extremely small amounts cause a range of health maladies from asthma to heart attacks to premature death, yet the operators of those boilers and incinerators do not pay those health costs. 5 smart uses for wind-powered energy.

This post is appropriate for a green blog simply because homebrewing is innately green in some ways. You have full control over your ingredients and there is a growing selection of organic malts and hops on the market now. You can even grow some of the ingredients on your own if that’s your thing, although you’ll probably leave the malting up to the professionals.

Now, it’s not just the gray wolf that’s threatened — it’s the Endangered Species Act itself. HR 1, the Continuing Budget Resolution passed by the House last week, has an amendment that would specifically exclude wolves from protection in Montana and Idaho. Similar legislation was introduced by Montana’s senators.

Thinking about doing some renovations around the house to make it more energy efficient? Increase insulation levels? Put in more efficient windows? Maybe even install a white roof? All of these things will help”¦ but if you live in a car-oriented suburb, it turns out there may be one action you can take that will produce more bang for the buck than all of these options”¦ and that’s moving. What Makes Housing Really Green? Location, Location, Location”¦

Have a great weekend!

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