Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 222

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We could have done better. By not having three kids we could have saved the atmosphere from an extra 28,223 metric tons of C02 each year – or 58 times the amount that we have saved by switching to a fuel efficient car, driving less, recycling, installing CFLs, replacing our inefficient refrigerator and old windows. And by adopting rather than conceiving, we would not have added to the 350,000 children who are born every day to a planet now burdened with 7 billion humans, and braced for more. Pushing other people and other species off the plate is our sacred personal right.

Given that a century and a half ago there were 150 and now there are 25, the trip makes me an enlistee in the practice known by a somewhat prickly term: last-chance tourism. Twilight of the Glaciers in Glacier National Park, Montana.

So far, only five agencies have shown significant progress toward making 15% of their buildings more sustainable by 2015. Can Obama’s Plan to Green the Nation’s Federal Buildings Deliver?

One of the things even the most environmentally-conscious parents sometimes forget is to include their kids in on their green actions. I learned early on that my kids were very interested in doing things that helped save energy, prevent waste and protect the earth. 8 Environmentally-Friendly Actions Your Kids Can Take

For anyone still puzzling over why I view the Tea Party to be an egregiously destructive force when it comes to the environment, look no further than this evidence: In the seven months since the Tea Party-led GOP has been in control of the House of Representatives, they have voted no fewer than 110 times to “block” or “undermine” efforts to protect the environment. (Guess some Republicans don’t have to live on the same planet the rest of us do. Either that or they like pollution and contaminated foods.)

How do you tell a water waster in an inoffensive way that access to potable water is a gift that shouldn’t be taken for granted?

The flyer introduced Hubway to Bostonians. Joining online it allows you to access bicycles at Hubway’s 61 location. With 600 bikes to choose from, one is mailed a key after registartion which one uses to unlock a bike to use around the city. When done, one returns the bike to any of the Hubway stations.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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