Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume 246

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A weekly roundup of important green news stories from around the web…

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been told by industry and government insiders that while the expansion of the tar sands may be a terrible thing, there’s simply no way to stop it. Well, we’ve found a way. President Obama has just said No to the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, meant to carry tar sands oil from Alberta to Texas.

Apple Shines the Light on Its Supply Chain, Warts and All

“Oh, make a little sign,” I was told, “with these markers and some paper and that popsicle stick. You know, make it look like an apple cart from the olden days.” Then the kicker came – write “Organic Fuji Apples” on the label. What? The apples I had just been man-handling were about as organic as a McDonald’s Apple Pie. The box and stickers I had just removed clearly revealed their non-organic origins. Oh yes, I was told, they were organic, they were just labeled wrong. You can’t always trust labels, can you? – Many Restaurants Fake it as Demand for Organic Food Rises

If you were hungry around 10,000 years ago, you likely had a good sharp spear, a stone implement, or a bow and arrow to help. You moved stealthily through grassy inlets, dark forests, and rough waves, or the tall grasses of a savannah, looking for deer, rabbits, fish, elk, anything with a heartbeat. You were a scavenger, too, finding eggs and carcasses. You caught fresh seafood, and you knew what nuts and berries to pick that wouldn’t kill you. … Before there were foodies, there were hunter-gatherers.

Arizona has repealed a lower vehicle emissions program that was patterned after California’s rules after just one year in effect. The state government voted to instead match federal greenhouse-gas regulations.

The global average temperature last year was the ninth-warmest in the modern meteorological record, continuing a trend linked to greenhouse gases that saw nine of the 10 hottest years occurring since the year 2000.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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