Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Eighty Eight.


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As I briefly mentioned last Friday, my wife and I were going to take a trip that weekend on an old steam engine over the weekend that is still running the same narrow-gauge rails it ran in 1925 from N. New Mexico into S. Colorado. And I have to tell you that it was one of the coolest things I have done in a very long time! If you are ever in the area and have a day to spare, I recommend you take a ride on the Cumbres & Toltec – it is definitely worth the price of admission. To spare you from looking at 50 pictures from the trip, just check this one out:

Cool, huh? Anyway, just wanted to pass that along to any tourists who might come for a visit. On to the articles from this week…

My friend Allie is giving away a tote bag made out of recycled plastic bottles. Be sure to go check out the contest!

Michael Pollan , the closest thing the sustainable food movement has to a leader, even if he insists on pretending he remains just a journalist , wants the next president of the United States to pull weeds from the organically managed South Lawn Victory Garden; donate its surplus tons of food to Washington, DC, food banks; and observe a meat-free day once a week in the White House. What an amazing, goosebump-inducing change that would be: from a president who “clears brush” for photo ops and was once rural America’s first choice for a barbecue buddy, to a “Farmer in Chief.”

It seems that the EPA has taken advantage of Web 2.0. They have recently released an interactive site that uses Google Earth as a platform to map out places across the US that have high potential for renewable energy development. The information for this map comes from EPA databases.

Just finished The China Price – The True Cost of Chinese Competitive Advantage by Alexandra Harney and while my eyes might have been wide shut before, they aren’t anymore. I am constantly telling anyone that will listen that you can’t buy an $8 shirt and feel good about it or that the cost of RTA furniture has gotten so ridiculously low that it has no chance of having a real useful lifespan so that they need to think more about dollars per hour of use and the cost of disposal hassle when purchasing versus the actual cost for real use or the design.

From Michelle Kauffman, the new mkHearth home – Inspired by the natural beauty found in rural structures in the american landscapes, the mkHearthâ„¢ home is a sustainable approach to the modern farmhouse. With flowing spaces that organically open to one another, the mkHearthâ„¢ home revolves around the center hearth space, a fireplace/cabinetry that circulates up the 3 stories. The design has many beautiful unique spatial moments such as window seats, screened-in sleeping porches, and sliding wood doors on barndoor tracks.

In the spirit of the “media” endorsing candidates, and knowing full well that I have barely any influence over anyone, I hereby announce my endorsement of Barack Obama for President. Surprised? Didn’t think so. Please vote on November 4th. If you can do it, and your state allows early voting, get to the polls as soon as you can – I am going next week. Don’t wait for election day if you don’t have to. And if you don’t vote, you cannot complain – so be sure you vote!

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  1. You, an Obama fan? I’m shocked, David! 🙂

    That pic is beautiful! Sounds like a really neat thing to do.

    Thanks for the link!

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