Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Eighty Seven.

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I have very, very environmentally conscious children – more so than me, I’m embarrassed to say, said Ms. Ross, a social worker in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. They’re on my case about getting a hybrid car. They want me to replace all the light bulbs in the house with energy-saving bulbs. Ms. Ross’s children are part of what experts say is a growing army of eco-kids steeped in environmentalism at school, in houses of worship, through scouting and even via popular culture who try to hold their parents accountable at home.

Apple moves towards a greener computer. Greenpeace welcomed Steve Jobs’ announcement today that Apple’s latest set of notebook computers – the MacBook Pro, MacBook and MacBook Air – as well as the LED Cinema Display will now be free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) internal cables and will no longer contain internal components containing brominated flame retardants (BFRs).

Live in Los Angeles? Then be sure to vote for the environment by Voting Yes on Measure R . Measure R would raise the LA County tax by a half cent, then use that extra money to build subways and improve other public transportation, as well as fix up some freeways and roads. I know some of my friends from LA read this site, so make you guys vote on this one!

Learn to Live the Not-So-Big Lifestyle – Author, architect and visionary Sarah Susanka explains the not-so-big lifestyle and how it’s evolved.

Teflon and non-stick surfaced cookware has been in the green news before for being not so green, or healthy. The problem is that non-stick coatings are not meant for very high heat, and on many cookware labels they actually say for low to medium heat. That doesn’t mean people adhere. You figure its a pan, for cooking, its going to get hot. Duh. Apparently when overheated it can be a potential health hazard. The EWG links the chemicals used in nonstick coatings to cancer, stroke and high cholesterol. So what do we do? Look for cookware that is void of this family of chemicals known as PFC’s (Also called PFOA, PFOS, C8, PTFE, and Teflon).

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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