Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Fifty Four.

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Spring has arrived! As I am writing this, it is about 70 degrees outside for the third straight day and I can remove my fleece for a few hours. Gotta get outside and enjoy it before the “rainy” season begins – yea, right. Have a great weekend!

  • China’s largest plastic bag maker has closed following a state-led environmental campaign discouraging plastics use, Xinhua news agency said on Tuesday. Fantastic.
  • India’s air-powered four wheel marvel, the MDI Air Car, will be coming to the United States in 2010! The eco-friendly air-powered vehicle will be manufactured by Zero Pollution Motors, who just licensed the technology from MDI. It’s another entry in the growing field of the subcompact class, and another challenger to the title of world’s most fuel efficient vehicle. I wrote about this car before, and am glad to see they are trying to bring it here.
  • A lot of EcoGeeks think that there is a beauty to wind turbines, even beyond their ability to provide emissions-free energy. But to others, wind turbines are an eyesore. A Norwegian company called Sway is developing a deepwater system that will allow turbines to be situated farther out to sea where winds can be steadier and stronger, and where the turbines are hidden from all save a few passing ships. “The SWAY® system is a floating foundation capable of supporting a 5MW wind turbine in water depths from 80m to more than 300m in some of the world’s roughest offshore locations.” This could allow wind farms to be farther off shore where they would be out of sight. Personally, I like the way the “above-ground” ones look!
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