Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Fifty One.

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The weather is finally starting to shift around here and we are emerging from our version of “winter” – kinda cold and gray days that just run into each other. I know a lot of you are still dealing with snow and frigid temps, but we live in California; it’s not supposed to be this cold! On with the news…

Green Options turns one year old. Congrats guys!

Toyota brought its 1/X (pronounced “one-Xth”) plug-in hybrid concept vehicle to 2008 Chicago Auto Show (6-17 February) for its North American debut. This is one smooth car and I wish I could get one today…

It’s about to get a lot more expensive to drive in London if you own a polluting vehicle – $400 a day, to be exact.

I hate that living modestly is starting to be equated with disregarding the comforts that we’ve been given”¦ instead of a noble and earth saving way of life.

But I do believe this: we could structure our society in such a way that we are less dependent on our meaning-imbued Pepsi and TV for happiness. If we planned our cities and communities in ways that people could more easily interact and form meaningful bonds, people may put down their remotes and their Pepsi cans because they’ve found something better.

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