Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Fifty Three.

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Home alone! This weekend, my wife has a friend in from out of town and they are headed out of town for a girl’s weekend in the desert. Of course, this means a guy’s weekend here at home. Where is that remote…

  • German luxury car maker Porsche gave notice Tuesday that it plans to challenge in court the proposed trebling of a daily congesting charge for high-pollution vehicles in London. Porsche, whose four-wheel drive Cayenne is popular with well-to-do Londoners, says the increased charge of 25 pounds (50 dollars) per day is an “unfair tax” that will neither relieve congestion nor cut pollution in central London. I say too bad for you guys, if you can afford the Cayenne you can afford the pollution tax!
  • Twenty-four cities around the world will fall into shadow next month as homes and businesses turn off the lights to raise awareness about global warming, organisers said Tuesday. Once again, Los Angeles wants nothing to do with anything about the environment.
  • Antibacterial products have no place in a healthy home. They do far more harm than good. In addition to the simple fact they’re made from unhealthy chemicals, they’re weakening our immune systems by creating overly sterile environments, polluting our soils and waters when we wash them away, and leading to the creation of so-called super-bugs, those antibiotic-resistant strains now currently scaring the bejesus out of the medical community. I could not agree more and refuse to use the stuff.
  • In complex systems, especially big complex systems, feedback loops can develop. Lets take the earth as an example. It is by just about everyones measure a very large, and very complex system, it has many feed back loops. A good example might be the melting of arctic sea ice, the ice melts (due to global warming) exposing more dark sea water which absorbs more heat than the reflective ice, which warms the water, which melts more ice”¦it’s a vicious cycle. There comes a point in that process, a tipping point, in which the system spirals rapidly out of control, a victim of its own feedback. Arctic sea ice melting is not the only process on earth with a feedback loop, and it is not the only one that could experience a tipping point.
  • If 16 million New Yorkers moved to the countryside to escape from city life, the devastation would be terrible. But what if the way to improve life is not to move the people to the countryside but, in a way, to move the countryside to the city? That is part of the idea behind the happy city and livable streets movement.
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways will use a 20% blend of algae-derived biofuel in a demonstration flight later this month. The fuel will be fed to one engine through an independent system in order not to mix with the fuel going to the other three engines. Glad I am not on that flight!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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