Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Fifty.

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There have been 50 of these round-ups? Wow…50 weeks of my life have gone by and I don’t think I really noticed. It’s amazing though how you don’t notice time until you have something substantial to measure it by! While I ponder this, check out some articles I was reading this past week:

“We ended up broke and close to homeless for very ordinary reasons. Many people are only a few paychecks away from being homeless. Steve and I lived a very typical lifestyle until a few years ago. We had a big house with a big mortgage payment, a couple of new cars, credit card debt, etc. We lived beyond our income, charging, borrowing, refinancing, but always spending, spending, spending. Now we live in a remote part of northeast Utah.” As much as how they got there was terrible, I am kind of envious of the way they live…

Sustainablog talks about Tivo-ing the State of the Union address so he could fast-forward through the bad parts. There were good parts? Other than the fact that this is his last one? 😉

Fire logs, coffee grounds, corn pellets, wood pellets, or wood? What’s the greenest wood for your fireplace?

One the largest hurdles to people and businesses embracing solar energy is the cost. The panels themselves make up a great deal of total expense, but there are also additional components to consider to get that energy working with your home. The most common accessory to any good solar installation is the inverter. This piece of equipment converts the solar panel’s DC energy to AC. A new firm called Enphase Energy hopes to remove this cost and produce micro-inverters; so small that each panel will receive their own.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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  1. I will claim to the TiVo-ing of the State of the Union post at Sustainablog. And thank you for the shout. However, please let me enunciate my position a little further.

    1. I did not think there were good parts, nor did I say there were bad parts. Actually it was surprisingly lackluster and unsurprisingly vague.

    2. As a political scientist (I prefer politologist), I nerd-out on a lot of the micropolitics of speech and body language. In other words, though I may have major ideological differences, I still like to watch the thing.

    3. I liked being able to fast-forward through the BS pomp-and-circumstance gladhanding and thunderous applause as the President made his way into the chamber (b/c he doesn’t deserve it).

    4. Finally, I enjoy being able to rewind the parts that give me a nice cynical chuckle. And unfortunately, I didn’t get as many of those as usual.

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