Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Forty Four.

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If you are reading this on Friday, I am on train somewhere in the middle of the country. 🙂 Here are some articles that caught my eye before I left:

Target has decided recently to get with the program and begin reducing the amount of toxic materials in some of the products it sells. Following a campaign by health and environmental advocacy groups, the nation’s fifth-largest retailer said it would eliminate or reduce polyvinyl chloride (PVC) from a range of its products and packaging. Well, it’s a start, right? However, since everything is covered with plastic in any store…

Nanosolar, a heavily financed Silicon Valley start-up whose backers include Google’s co-founders, plans to announce Tuesday that it has begun selling its innovative solar panels, which are made using a technique that is being held out as the future of solar power manufacturing. They claim to be the first solar panel manufacturer to be able to profitably sell solar panels for less than $1 a watt. That is the price at which solar energy becomes less expensive than coal. Yea!

The United States government on Wednesday rejected a request by California for it to be allowed to introduce tough new vehicle emissions standards, dealing a blow to the state’s hopes of slashing greenhouse gas levels over the next decade. How terrible that would be to adopt our strict standards across the country…

Green Daily thinks we should reduce the size of our margins to save paper. I cannot believe I did not think of this myself a long time ago, and I will be changing the format of my Word docs starting asap. Great idea!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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