Quick Green Reads For The Weekend Volume Forty.


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Well, it’s the day after Thanksgiving and I am not going shopping. Today is the 15th annual Buy Nothing Day, and I am participating. If you are avoiding shopping today as well, take a few minutes to check out some interesting stories that caught my eye this week:

No Impact Man has his year long experiment of trying to leave no impact come to an end. “Over the year, our family reduced to zero or as darn close to zero as we could:

* Our trash (we produced almost none)
* Carbon emissions associated with growing our food (we ate local, seasonal, unprocessed, vegetarian)
* Use of transportation dependent on fossil fuels (we rode bikes, push-scootered and walked)
* Consumption of resources (we bought only what we needed and then only second hand)
* Our use of mains electricity (we survived with the one lamp provided by a single solar panel, a lot of beeswax candles, no fridge and no laundry machine)
* Our use and pollution of water (lots of water conservation measures and use of homemade vegetable- and mineral-based, biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning and personal products)
* We also increased our positive impact through volunteering to help tend trees, raise money for charity, tend to oyster growing in the Hudson, etc.”

Kudos to No Impact Man for the inspiration for all of us to try to do our part.

Sustainablog launches anew – if you use to read Jeff’s posts over at his old blog, be sure to stop by his new home.

DeSmogBlog talks climate change and Bangladesh Cyclones.

Lighter Footstep reminds us to avoid antibacterial soap. I have been saying this forever – these soaps are only making bacteria stronger. Check out the post for a homemade soap mixture that I use as well.

Turkey. During the holidays, there’s nothing more all-American. But do you really know where your turkey comes from? Thanks to companies like Wal-Mart, you may never find out. On Friday, Senate Republicans filibustered the 2007 Farm Bill, which would have required country of origin labeling (COOL) on all meat products sold in the United States. This was a huge victory for Wal-Mart and its corporate lobbyists. Wal-Mart doesn’t want you to know where its products come from, and it spent millions of dollars pressuring the Senate to block stricter COOL standards.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Why would it be in the best interests of voters (citizens) not to know where their meat came from? Or any other produce for that matter.

    I’m guessing (from looking at labels) that at a minimum, a lot of food over has to be labelled as being EU or non-EU (at the very least).

  2. I’m fascinated by No Impact Man…and find it really interesting that the thing he really missed was some CFL-bulb supplied “light”.
    I am inspired by his life changing experiment, especially with a toddler.

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